Interior Design


Interior Design

Interior design is at the core of our expertise.

The Centerline Maine interior design team is passionate about collaboration. Our goal is to guide you through the various stages of the remodeling and building process. We want you to be involved in the process every step of the way.

We use your wish list and preferences as the basis for each project. We always start by keeping the end goal in mind. From the beginning, we discuss the goals, aesthetics, and functions that your new space or renovated space must meet.

Our ethos follows a human-centered design approach. We strive to achieve a subtle balance between design, aesthetic, and technical building excellence. With many of the traditional Maine homes we work with, this often means finding a way to seamlessly integrate traditional or historic building features with modern aesthetics and amenities.


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Every type of space, every home, and every family has different tastes and needs. Our diverse team of designers understands that your identity and desires need to be at the forefront of every design project.
Centerline Design doesn’t have a single official “look” or aesthetic style. Instead, we have a team of experts with a variety of skills representing the full spectrum of Maine design firms. These experts complement and support each other to help clients create their perfect homes.

Our Design Philosophy

Our focus on you is what sets us apart from most design firms. We frequently collaborate on an ongoing basis with you, running several design concepts and versions by you to best understand what makes the most sense for both your lifestyle and your budget. 

While we are very cognizant of trends and we’re proud to be lifelong learners who remain current with technologies and designs as they evolve, we are always aware that we are designing for you. This is why we remain firmly committed to the foundational principles of design, instead of chasing the most recent fads and fashions.

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We never forget that after the design phase is done and your space has been remodeled in accordance with our shared vision, you and your family will need to live in the space for decades to come. 

We prioritize functionality and simplicity over aesthetics when designing a space. However, we believe a beautiful and artful design is essential for creating the best possible space. After all, the true goal of remodeling is to make a space more perfect, not just to make it more appealing. 

Our Maine interior design team works with you, the homeowners, to finalize the details of the interior design. This includes all elements, such as countertops, cabinetry, appliances, tile, light fixtures, hardware, and window treatments.

The interior design will also include furnishings and furniture. Every hardscaped decorative element of the space is balanced with its utility and your tastes. Your kitchen, bathroom, living space, bedroom, or other space will reflect your aesthetic wishes and practical needs.

Centerline provides detailed drawings and specifications once a design is completed. This allows contractors and installers to make the vision a reality in your home.

You can choose us as your contractor – Centerline Built. We will provide all the necessary details and our direct insights for your project. Collaborate with us for the best results.

Common Types of Projects

There are three frequent types of design projects we find our clients engage us for.


 Renew the heart and hearth of your home.


Beautify and improve the space you use every day.

Full House

Renovating your whole home transforms your experience of life