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Who Are We?

Centerline Design is a design and build firm specializing in timeless interior design and fine home building and remodeling. Our team is composed of talented designers with unique styles and perspectives, craftspeople who are passionate about and committed to their work, and professionals in a wide range of related fields representing decades of experience in design, new home building and remodeling.

More About Us

Known for creating a seamless collaborative team with the homeowners themselves and for delivering some of Maine’s most brilliant spaces, we take pride first in focusing each project on the real needs of our clients, rather than simply copying the latest trends and fads. From single-room remodels to whole-floor renovations and new construction, we aim to create a timeless living space, tailored to the unique tastes and requirements of each homeowners’ life. 

When you work with Centerline Design, you get the peace of mind of working with a firm defined by a professional lineup of designers, engineers, architects, and contractors with years, even decades, of real world experience behind them individually, and nearly a century of experience collectively.  Centerline itself is relatively newly established, but it was built on the prolific successful careers of industry veterans and broad networks of collaborative relationships throughout Maine and Northern New England.

Centerline Design Interiors

Complete Concept-To-Turnkey or A-La-Carte Service

The key difference between Centerline Design and other firms isn’t just our experienced and distinguished staff, but the completeness of the services we offer.  Rather than being the first step on your journey to remodeling, redesigning, or adding on to your home, we are the only firm you need to contract with to transform your house into your dream home.

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With in-house designers, architects, engineers, contractors, carpenters, and more, we have all the expertise and resources needed to design and execute your entire project.


This is incredibly beneficial because your project-liaison will have the time and opportunity to truly understand what’s going to make you happy in your refinished or newly built home.  By building a relationship and rapport with you, and then being the central point of contact guiding all other elements of your project, our designers will make the seemingly impossible task of designing and completing your ideal home easier, better, faster, and simpler.  You won’t need to hunt for contractors, hire crews, and oversee construction personally, but can be exactly as involved in the process as you actually want to be.

Alternatively, if you have a contractor in mind we are happy to work with them.  Providing excellent design and guidance in collaboration with your favorite contractors is one of our specialties. Whether you need all of our services or just our expertise in design or interior furnishing, we will provide you with our full attention and guidance over the course of your project.

The Centerline Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with uniquely personal and complete services in designing and constructing their ideal homes.  We accomplish this with a wide range of specialists and resources cultivated over decades of experience working in this field in Maine, and by remaining current and relevant with timeless design philosophies coupled with continually educating ourselves on the latest designs, technologies, and advancements available to us.  We make sure that what we’re doing is right for our clients by building a strong relationship and rapport with them before undertaking the labor of love that is designing their living space, assuring our work is aligned with their desires and needs.

Centerline Design Mission