Do you remember that one time when you invited guests over, and one of them couldn’t stop raving about the stunning faucet in your bathroom? No? Well, maybe it’s time to consider the potential that lies in the most overlooked details of home design: plumbing fixtures.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But in the world of interiors, plumbing fixtures are the unsung jewels that can elevate your home’s appeal in ways you’ve never imagined.


Six Guiding Principles When It Comes to Plumbing Fixtures

Keep these ideas in mind as you start to develop your plumbing fixture plans for your kitchen or bathroom.


1. Plumbing Fixtures: Not Just a Utility

If jewelry enhances our outfits, plumbing fixtures enhance our homes. They’re the silent (sometimes literally, if you get those noiseless toilet models) statement-makers of our kitchens and bathrooms. From the subtle sheen of a chrome tap to the sophistication of a rainfall showerhead, these are the pieces that encapsulate luxury, even in the most mundane moments of our day.


2. Cheap is Expensive in the Long Run

While the online marketplace is flooded with visually appealing fixtures at ridiculously low prices, here’s a fun fact: Not all that glitters is gold. Often, these beautiful exteriors house cheap plastic parts, eagerly waiting to break at the next turn. Investing in reputable brands may seem like a bigger upfront cost, but it’s a long-term investment in quality and peace of mind.


3. The Power of Knowledge

Ever been bedazzled by a necklace, only to find out later it’s not pure silver? Similar to jewelry, it’s essential to know the origin of your fixtures. By being brand-aware and educated on the make and components, you can avoid the pitfalls of buying substandard products.


4. Elevate Your Living Experience

From a nifty air switch for your garbage disposal to the luxurious embrace of a thermostatic shower system, the right plumbing fixtures can transform mundane daily rituals into experiences. Imagine the sheer joy of a rainhead shower on a Monday morning or the convenience of a touch-free faucet when your hands are covered in dough.


5. Expert Installation is Key

All that glitters can quickly lose its sheen if not installed correctly. Picture this: a beautiful waterfall tap, dripping incessantly because of a shoddy installation. Heartbreaking, right? Investing in a competent plumber ensures that your fixtures not only look good but function flawlessly. After all, a jewel is only as good as its setting!


6. Get Inspired!

Drawing insights from thoughtful designers is essential to finding the best fixtures and ideas for your own home. Your individual needs, coupled with expert advice, can make the journey from choosing to installing a delightful one. And, while functionality is pivotal, there’s no harm in having a little fun! After all, who said utility can’t be stylish?


Building a Better Bathroom

There’s a ton to know about plumbing fixtures when it comes to bathrooms.  With the highest density of fixtures among room types, bathrooms are where you can make strong statements and increase efficiency the most! Here are some of the most important fixtures to consider when planning your new bathroom design.



Bathing is not just about cleansing but also relaxation. Your choice of bathtub can significantly impact your overall bathroom experience.

  • Types: From clawfoot to freestanding, drop-in, and alcove, bathtubs come in various styles.
  • Materials: Acrylic, cast iron, fiberglass, and copper are just a few options. Each material has a unique feel and aesthetic.
  • Features: Some tubs come with jets for a spa-like experience or are deep-soak tubs for full-body immersion.


Shower Panels and Systems

Shower panels offer multiple functionalities in one unit, enhancing your showering experience.

  • Jets: Multiple water outlets to massage and rejuvenate.
  • Rainfall: Mimics the sensation of gentle rain for relaxation.
  • Waterfall: A cascade of water for a unique shower experience.

Bidets and Bidet Attachments

Increasingly popular for their hygienic benefits, bidets add an element of luxury and cleanliness.

  • Types: Standalone bidets, bidet toilet seats, or simple bidet attachments.
  • Features: Temperature control, adjustable water pressure, and drying features.

Bathroom Storage Solutions

While not a plumbing fixture, storage solutions keep your bathroom tidy and organized.

  • Vanities: Incorporate your sink while offering storage below.
  • Shelving: Utilize vertical space, especially in smaller bathrooms.
  • Medicine Cabinets: Store essential toiletries and medications conveniently.

Water Filtration Systems

In Maine, with so many of us on well water systems, you need to take steps to protect your skin and hair from hard water by incorporating filtration systems.

  • Shower Filters: Reduces chlorine and harmful chemicals, ensuring a healthier shower experience.
  • Sink Filters: Ensure the water you use for face washing or brushing your teeth is pure.

Eco-Friendly Features That Save Energy

Opt for fixtures that reduce water waste and energy consumption.

  • Aerators: Added to faucets or showers to reduce water flow without compromising pressure.
  • Water Heaters: On-demand systems can save energy.

Understand Plumbing Basics

Knowledge about your home’s plumbing can help guide your choices.

  • Pipe Materials: Understand the type of pipes in your home, such as PVC, copper, or PEX.
  • Water Pressure: This can affect your choices, especially for showers and faucets.

The Bottom Line

In a world where interiors speak louder than words, every detail matters. Plumbing fixtures, often overlooked, are the real game-changers in home design. They’re not just utilities; they’re statements, experiences, and sometimes, even conversation starters! It’s about time they get the spotlight they deserve!

Planning to upgrade your home’s fixtures or need expert advice on making the best choices? Reach out to Centerline Design, where quality meets design, and elevate your living experience!