The Real Estate Challenge and the Beauty of Older Homes

With the limited real estate market, the charm of older homes from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s is resurfacing out of necessity. These houses often have strong architectural foundations but need a fresh touch in design and materials. Centerline Design brings new life to these timeless treasures with interior renovation.  Let’s explore a few key older house renovation ideas!

Making the Old New Again: Embrace the Age of Your Home

Rediscovering ’70s Homes

Distinct features like wood paneling, shag carpeting, and enclosed rooms often characterize houses from the ’70s. Enhancing their unique style requires careful consideration and creative thinking.

Open Up Space

  • Removing Unnecessary Walls: By removing non-load-bearing walls, you can create a flowing, breathable space that feels both open and connected.
  • Integrate Living Areas: Combining living, dining, and kitchen areas can facilitate interaction and movement.
  • Use Glass Dividers: For areas that still need separation, consider using transparent or semi-transparent partitions.

Choose Contemporary Materials

  • Fresh Paint Choices: Selecting neutral or modern colors can create a pleasing backdrop for contemporary furnishings.
  • Updated Tiles and Flooring: Replacing old-fashioned tiles or carpeting with hardwood floors or contemporary tile designs can add a fresh and luxurious touch.
  • Modern Fixtures: Updating fixtures like faucets, handles, and lighting can be a relatively low-cost way to bring a ’70s home into the present.

Revitalizing ’80s Style

The ’80s homes, with their pastel colors, geometric shapes, and abundance of mirrors, can be a joy to renovate. Here’s how to maintain their unique flair while infusing modern sensibilities during your ’80s house renovation:

Create Better Flow

  • Redesign the Floor Plan: Consider reconfiguring walls and doors to create a more logical and welcoming flow through the house.
  • Maximize Natural Light: Embrace large windows or skylights to promote an airy and bright atmosphere.
  • Functional Layouts: Think about how you use your space and design the layout to facilitate everyday living.

Blend Old with New

  • Keep Classic Features: Some ’80s features, like geometric designs or statement pieces, can be preserved or refurbished to act as focal points.
  • Modernize With Accessories: Adding contemporary furniture and accessories can give balance and a renewed vibe to the space.
Old tired stairs in an older house

These stairs have seen better days…

’90s Makeovers: Where Tradition Meets Today

The ’90s brought us a variety of styles, from minimalism to the resurgence of classical elements. Here’s how you can make a ’90s home feel fresh yet familiar:

Zoning Improvements

  • Define Activity Areas: Create clear zones for activities without making them feel isolated. An open floor plan with subtle divisions can be ideal.
  • Smart Furniture Placement: Use furniture and decor to guide movement and define spaces, allowing for both cohesion and distinction between areas.
Remodeled stairs by Centerline Design

Here are those same stairs, seeing better days!

Mix Time Periods

  • Celebrate Original Features: If the house has distinctive ’90s features, consider keeping them and integrating them into the new design.
  • Blend with Modern Elements: Pair traditional or ’90s-specific features with sleek modern materials or minimalist designs to create a balance between old and new.

Home Remodeling Kennebunk: The Centerline Design Touch

At Centerline Design, our understanding of house renovation goes beyond conventional techniques. We’re more than interior renovation contractors; we’re your creative partners, passionately committed to achieving the perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and technical excellence.

  • Interior Design at its Best: Interior design is at the core of our work at Centerline Design. Our Maine interior design team is passionate about collaboration, guiding you through each stage of the remodeling and building process. The goal is to ensure your active involvement at every step.
  • Human-Centered Approach: Following a human-centered design ethos, we strive to seamlessly integrate traditional or historic building features with modern aesthetics and amenities. In traditional Maine homes, this means a balanced fusion of design, aesthetics, and construction excellence.
  • Diverse Design Expertise: Every home is unique. Our diverse team understands that your identity and desires need to be at the forefront. Unlike other firms with a single “look,” our experts represent a full spectrum of Maine design, complementing each other to create your perfect space.

Tips for Renovating Older Homes

  • Preserve What Works: Maintain features in good shape that contribute to the house’s character. With our human-centered design approach, we preserve the charm of traditional elements while integrating modern aesthetics.
  • Blend Styles Thoughtfully: Achieving a subtle balance between old and new requires thought and care. We take pride in our ability to mix periods, retaining historical beauty while adding fresh touches.
  • Consider Modern Functionality: We focus on updating essential areas like kitchens and bathrooms, not only to enhance appearance but to prioritize functionality and simplicity, always keeping your tastes and practical needs in mind.
  • Consult Professionals: Collaborating with experienced interior renovation contractors like Centerline Design ensures a harmonious blend of old charm and new trends. Our commitment to the foundational principles of design avoids chasing fads and instead aims for timeless elegance.
Older homes' bathrooms are a great opportunity for improvement.

Older homes’ bathrooms are a great opportunity for improvement.

Common Renovations

  • Full-Home Renovations: A proper full-house renovation entails solutions for every problem in every room.  With a dual utilitarian and aesthetic focus, we can make your whole home spark joy.
  • Kitchen Remodels: We balance functionality and aesthetics, incorporating modern appliances with classic designs. Your kitchen will reflect your aesthetic wishes, with detailed drawings and specifications making the vision a reality.
  • Bathroom Remodels: Whether minimalistic modern or classic luxury, we provide choices that cater to various tastes and needs. Our designs can include all elements, including staples like countertops, cabinetry, appliances, tile, and light fixtures.

Your Older Home’s Potential: A Journey with Centerline Design

Your older home is a canvas waiting to be transformed. With our focus on you and our dedication to design principles, Centerline Design sees the potential in your existing space.

Beautifully remodeled bathroom, white tile, gorgeous wallpaper

An opportunity we took advantage of!

Whether enhancing inherent charm or blending the past with a modern touch, we offer the expertise and vision. Your dream home isn’t in the distant future; it’s right here, ready to be crafted.

  • Finalizing Details: We work closely with homeowners to finalize every detail of their house renovation, from hardware to window treatments. Furnishings, furniture, and every decorative element are balanced with utility and taste.
  • Centerline Built: If you choose us as your contractor, we provide all the necessary details and insights for your project. Collaborate with us to turn your dream into a reality.
  • A Lasting Commitment: Our design is not merely about aesthetics. It’s about creating a space where you and your family can live comfortably for decades to come. Our true goal of remodeling is perfection, not just appeal.

Your journey with Centerline Design promises an experience where every decision, every material, and every design choice aligns with your unique style and needs. If you’re ready to transform your home, we’re here to make your vision a reality. Contact us today.